About us


The main specialization of our company is to sell Italian shoes. In the era of mass production it is increasingly difficult to find shoes that combine not only style and comfort, but also high quality.

It also raises questions about the real origin of the shoes, because in the modern world it is very easy to come across a fake. These products often contain ingredients that can harm human health.

We rely on having a good relationship with the leading Italian manufacturers who produce shoes that combine not only style and comfort, but also high quality. We are happy to share our collection with our customers and introduce you to a fashionable shoe that places emphasis on individuality and originality and have maximum convenience.

The shoes are very popular and in demand from European customers, plus we want to enable customers residing in countries outside the European Union to buy well-known and proven brands as well and in turn, provide low prices which enable us to direct collaboration with leading Italian factories and bypassing any middlemen. Therefore, we can offer you every season the best of well-known collections of Italian shoes presented at various international exhibitions at an affordable price, making Italian shoes accessible to everyone.

Footwear in Italy today is the quality standard that combines a restrained classical tradition. All models are made from premium materials, which acts as the key to maintain the original form for a long time.

Luxury shoes for all occasions from the best Italian manufacturers is an individual image, comfortability, femininity, high quality and low prices that are created by several factors:

  • Direct collaboration with leading Italian factories
  • Bypassing middlemen
  • Direct delivery of goods to our warehouse
  • No cost for showrooms or personnel
  • No customs duties and transport costs within EU
  • Saving on unnecessary advertising
  • Good Logistics
  • Free Internet Resourcess